Video Editing

Shooting video is firmly in the realm of the masses. If you have some footage, let us cut it together for you, whether it be social-media clip, workshop promo or a detailed how-it-works.



Producing video has never been so much fun!



It’s never been easier to shoot your own footage. Many of us carry a high end production studio in our pockets – inside our mobile phone. If you doubt the quality of footage from modern phone cameras, see if you can pick it from these nine cameras that took part in The Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout.

Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout

Zacuto Great Camera Shootout image

Camera Specialists
Sony F65—Sony Representatives
ARRI Alexa—Rodney Charters, ASC CSC
RED Epic—Ryan Walters
Sony FS100—Den Lennie & Mick Jones
Sony F3 w/slog—Nancy Schreiber, ASC
Canon C300—Polly Morgan
Canon 7D with Technicolor settings—Michael Negrin, ASC
Panasonic GH2 (Quantum v9b Hack)—Jonny Zeller & Colt Seman
Apple iPhone 4s—Michael Koerbel

Editing… is entirely a different matter!

Digital video produces a ton of media which requires huge, fast servers, a serious workstation and a range of complex software to edit.

Motioncircus editing rate is fully inclusive of the following:

Professional grade edit station
Reasonable revisions of the initial edit following your direction
Simple graphics / titles and logos
Sourcing and syncing music (see Music below)
File handling / uploading / archiving

Production Stock

Boost your production values to the next level with professionally produced stock footage or stills at a fraction of the price of shooting it yourself.


The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie
George Lucas

Excellent professional production music can be surprisingly affordable. We know the best spots for soundtracks and, if you don’t have the time, we’ll source them for you.

The easy workflow

  • Give us your brief, what you hope to achieve and your target audience
  • Share your footage with us, we’ll help if you need it.
  • We edit the footage according to your brief and share it privately for your review.
  • Initial revisions are free of charge (additional changes will require a small fee)
  • We invoice on approval and deliver your video master, once payment is received.